People need them to take up less room while still looking beautiful. LED surface light is very useful in this situation. Because they are now coated with epoxy resin, these lights only provide a very minimal amount of light. One of the most significant advantages of a LED surface light is its low power consumption. They are used practically everywhere, from large retail malls to modest dwelling units, despite the fact that they use very little electricity and provide a very strong light.
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LED Movable surface/Track light

Price: 1350 INR
  • Color:Black/ White Body
  • Light Color:Cool White,Warm White,Pure White
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Product Type:LED Light
  • Working Temperature:10 - 50C Celsius (oC)
  • Color Temperature:3000K - 4000K - 6000K Kelvin (K)
  • Power Factor:>90
  • Input Voltage:220-240V Volt (V)
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LED Surface Spotlight

Price: 550 INR
  • Input Voltage:220-240V Volt (V)
  • Working Temperature:10 - 50 C Celsius (oC)
  • Color Temperature:3000K - 4000K - 5000K - 6000K Kelvin (K)
  • Power Factor:>0.90
  • Product Type:LED Spotlight
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Light Color:Cool White - Narural white - Warm White
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LED Surface Cylinder light

Price: 920 - 1450 INR
  • Size:Customized
  • Lamp Power:12w , 18w Watt (W)
  • Application:Indoor
  • Shape:Cylinder
  • Input Voltage:220-240V Volt (V)
  • Power Factor:>90
  • Working Temperature:10-50C Celsius (oC)
  • Color Temperature:3000k - 4000k - 5000k - 6000k Kelvin (K)

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